All purchases on personal terms
Umico is a general-purpose mobile concierge. Now, one may do shopping, call a taxi, reserve a table in a restaurant and do much more with the help of a smartphone on personal terms. The more often you buy with Umico, the more favorable conditions of purchase you get.
How valuable is Umico?
Umico is your personal assistant for any purchases. He will tell you where to do your favorable shopping, help you buy faster and offer what you need at the right moment.
Where to buy?
Umico knows everything about bonuses, discounts and promotions. He will tell you where to buy at a profit.
How to buy?
Umico helps to gather all purchases in one place, where one can buy much faster and more conveniently – from one's smartphone.
What to buy?
If you tell Umico what products, brands and stores you like, he will make the best deals
for you.
What can Umico do?
Find the best places for shopping
Specify your location or address, and Umico will prompt you the best places for bargain purchase and recreation, where you are all right.
Save your money
For each purchase, Umico charges bonuses that can be spent on new purchases.
Find and buy products online
Buy online directly in the Umico application with product availability guarantee, delivery and on installment plan without interest.
Make special offers
The more often you buy, the better Umico understands what you like and offers what you need, when you need it.
Fulfill desires
If you are dreaming of a big purchase, put it in your wish list, and Umico will offer special purchase conditions especially for you.
Keep your purchase history
Umico keeps track of all your purchases, can analyze expenses and give recommendations on how to save more
How to buy from Umico?
Get yourself Umico
Download the application and register in one click. In the application you will find an electronic bonus card for bargain purchases from Umico partners, a catalog of partners and many more useful things.
Build a shopping route
Select in the application what you want to buy, specify your location or a specific address, and Umico will select places convenient for you with goods of interest on the best purchase terms.
Make a shopping list
Before you go to the store, make a shopping list. Umico can also remind you about purchasing items from the list when they are supposed to run out, or about buying a gift for a specific date. To do this, you need to set up shopping reminders.
Earn bonuses
Shop at Umico partners and earn bonuses. To do this, show your electronic bonus card from the application at the checkout before paying for the purchase.
Track the balance of bonuses
In the Umico application, there is a special section in which you will see all the bonuses accrued and written off for purchases and activity in the application.
Pay for purchases in bonuses
Accrued bonuses can be spent on new purchases from Umico partners at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 AZN. For example, you can pay for your mobile phone in accumulated bonuses.
Write down your wishes
Write down the planned purchases in the wish list, and Umico will find and offer you the best terms to buy them.
Buy from Umico online
Get used to comfort with Umico - buy online!
On the Umico website or mobile application you can buy any goods. Umico will contact the suppliers, verify the availability of goods and delivery time - you no longer have to concern yourself with this. Umico will do everything
for you.
Umico Bonus Card
You can use the Umico plastic bonus card for shopping. We will inform you about the bonuses accrued for purchases and the balance of the bonus account via SMS. By SMS, you can also receive special offers from Umico partners.
Why do you need Umico bonuses?
Umico bonuses are real money.
Your money!
Bonuses as
gratitude for shopping
Every day we pay for purchases. It's time to take advantage of it. Do shopping where they are grateful to you and get bonuses for every purchase with Umico and activity in the application.
instead of money
Accrued bonuses can be spent on new purchases from Umico partners at the rate of 1 bonus = 1 money unit. The more bonuses, the more new purchases for which you do not need to spend your money.
Bonus is more valuable
than money
You will receive special offers from Umico partners to pay for purchases in bonuses at a higher rate (for example, 1 bonus = 2 AZN or more). So bonuses can be more valuable than money.
Umico is your personal assistant
for all purchases

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